Mission Statement

Strengthen and improve living & economic conditions for all residents of the Northwest Arctic Borough.

What is the Village Improvement Fund:

The Northwest Arctic Borough Village Improvement Fund (VIF) was created as a fund dedicated to Borough villages for capital projects and improvements in service within the communities which it serves. The VIF will support projects, infrastructure, and quality of life services for our villages within the Northwest Arctic Borough.

The Village Improvement Commission (VIC) responsibilities include:

  • To ensure that residents in the villages have input and are able to meaningfully participate in how the VIF is spent
  • To decide how the VIF will be fairly distributed around the region
  • To decide what projects will be eligible for VIF funds
  • To identify projects to be funded through the VIF
  • To help plan and implement those projects that are funded by the VIF
  • To advise the NAB and Assembly regarding the VIF


Contact Erin Stephens at estephens@nwabor.org or (907) 442-8221 for any questions or assistance.

village improvement fund staff

Hiram Walker

VIF Capital Projects Manager