Fire fighting capability in each village is developed to ensure that loss of life and property are dramatically reduced.


The functions of the NAB Fire Department include the prevention and extinguishing of fires, rescue of fire victims, training of fire fighters, investigating the causes of fire, maintaining records relating to fire, fulfilling the terms of any fire-related contracts, grants and appropriations, inspection of buildings, structures and other facilities and any other functions incidental to the work of the NAB Fire Department and implementation of this chapter. Because on-scene fire response will be conducted by the 10 village volunteer fire battalions, the NAB Fire Department shall fulfill its function primarily by:

  • Recognizing, establishing, sanctioning, and administratively supporting community volunteer fire battalions;
  • Providing fire fighting equipment upgrades for each community fire battalion, as borough resources may allow;
  • Implementing and maintaining a fire prevention program in each borough community;
  • Requiring monthly meetings of local battalions, and collecting/maintaining documentation of these meetings;
  • Conducting or facilitating the conducting of periodic training for village volunteer fire fighters;
  • Expanding and sustaining support for community volunteer fire battalions so as to maintain adequate fire department membership, a high level of fire fighter competency, and an ongoing fire prevention program;
  • Maintaining a record of all fire outbreaks in each community which require fire battalion response;
  • Conducting, or causing to be conducted, after-action reviews after all fire outbreaks requiring a response by the local battalions;
  • Coordinating and assisting in the response to any disaster, or any other declared emergency;
  • Investigating the causes of all fires, and filing of written reports of these investigations, whenever a qualified fire investigator is employed by the borough; and,
  • Conducting inspections of existing structures, facilities, or residences on an annual basis as a part of an ongoing fire prevention program. (Ord. 03-03 § 3, 2003)

Village Battalion Chiefs

Scott Jones
PO Box 16
Ambler, AK 99786

Jesse Ahkpuk
PO Box 108
Buckland, AK 99727

Kevin Moto
PO Box 36037
Deering, AK 99736

Benjamin Sheldon
PO Box 49
Kiana, AK 99749

Reppi Swan
PO Box 23
Kivalina, AK 99750

Kris McKay
PO Box 51052
Kobuk, AK 99751


Elino Bantatua
PO Box 16
Noorvik, AK 99763

Charles Foster
PO Box 210
Selawik, AK 99770


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Hans B. Nelson

Fire Safety Coordinator