Maintain and restore trail markers on existing winter trails connecting the communities within the Northwest Arctic Borough

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You will not rely solely on the information on the NWAB web site, and further understand the information contained on the NWAB website is provided in good faith to assist trail users. You will make your own inquiries and obtain independent advice concerning the conditions that you might encounter on the trails. You are aware that there are risks and hazards associated with using snow trails and you voluntarily assume full responsibility for any risk of loss, property damage or personal injury, including the possibility of death that you may sustain, or any loss or damage to property, as a result of using the website or the snow trails. You understand the NWAB and other land owners whose lands the trails cross accept no responsibility for interpretation of the information contained on this web site as to the accuracy or suitability to the user or for any injury or loss of property you or anyone in your party may sustain as a result of using either this website or the trails. Any reliance of this web site information is at your own risk.

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Interactive Map of Trails & Shelter Cabins


The Borough Search & Rescue Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the existing winter and year-round trails connecting the communities within the Northwest Arctic Borough are appropriately staked, maintained, groomed to ensure the safety of the residents who use the trails.

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